ST. JOHNS COUNTY, FLORIDA – APRIL 22, 2010 – St. Johns Law Group announces that they are one of the first users of the Simplifile e-Recording system in St. Johns County. E-Recording is the process of submitting, receiving, and processing documents for recording via the Internet. Traditionally, recording has been accomplished by delivering documents to the Clerk of Court. E-Recording simplifies and accelerates all aspects of the recording process and dramatically improves St. Johns Law Group’s ability to serve their clients. It is an exciting time for St. Johns Law Group to be at the forefront of this technology. Implementing this technology in conjunction with real estate closings will help reduce the possibility of liens or other matters affecting title occurring in the gap between the closing table and recording. The technology also adds great convenience as clients will be able to leave the closing table with their recorded documents in hand, knowing that recording has been accomplished and not having to wait for the traditional recording turnaround.

St. Johns Law Group is a firm of highly skilled professionals who are dedicated to getting the job done and providing high quality client services. St. Johns Law Group is committed to having cutting edge technology, such as Simplifile, at the fingertips of its attorneys for the benefit of its clients.